a raspberry douche


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Two men playing poker:

one says"I'll show you my cards after you fold" and the other answers" Why don't you show me how you take a raspberry douche?"

Je te montre mes cartes si tu te couches
Pourquoi tu me montres pas plutôt comment tu...???

It's agressive and probably funny but I don't get it.
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    Hello, Catyin! Sorry, but this is very vulgar. In English, a "douche" is "une douche vaginale". So "Take a douche!" means "Va te faire foutre!"


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    Sorry, Ladies, but this is hardly my field of expertise. I found this on the net, an advertisement by a herbal medicine company:

    "Use for seven days as a vaginal douche. 2. Red Raspberry douche."

    I suppose it has a raspberry smell or color. But what do I know about these things?:eek:


    As Seneca says, "Take a douche!" means "Va te faire foutre!" The card player is simply making the expression more playful by specifying a raspberry douche. (Many "personal care" products nowadays are scented.)

    The expression would not be understood as much more vulgar than "Screw you!" or "To hell with you!"


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    Hi everybody, I'm afraid you're missing a vulgar twist on this one : not so much as a "raspberry flavored douche", the "raspberry douche" actually combines two very rude items, the "douche " (as explained above) and the slang "raspberry", which stands for… fart. So giving someone a "raspberry douche" would be something like performing a vaginal cleansing using farts instead of water. Classy.
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