A reading according to which ...


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I am searching for synonyms for "according to which" in the following passage I am writing.

One answer could be that Spencer ... ... However, other readings could also be suggested. On the one hand, Spencer might be read as arguing that ... ... On the other hand, he ... ... The present paper suggests an alternative reading, according to which Spencer ...
I have thought of the following possibilities:
— an alternative reading, namely, that Spencer ...
— an alternative reading, to the effect that Spencer ...
— an alternative reading. Indeed, it argues that Spencer ...

I would like to know which suggestions seem the most elegant to you, or if you have other formulations to suggest to me.
Thank you for your help.
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    "Namely" is used correctly. "Namely" works in more formal or academic settings such as this.
    "To the effect" is perhaps not entirely idiomatic.
    "Indeed, it argues" is appropriate, but you should know that it would because the pronoun "it" would be read as referring no to the "alternative reading" but to "the present paper" (that contains that reading).

    One simple phrasing would be: "... an alternate reading, that Spencer ..."
    To be more forceful or explicit, you could write: "... an alternate reading, suggesting/arguing that Spencer ..." In this example, I think the reader would again understand that it is the "paper" that is suggesting/arguing.


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    Thank you, bibliolept!
    I am rather surprised by one of your suggestions: "an alternate reading, that Spencer" because I would have spontaneously written "an alternate reading: that Spencer".
    Could we say these two forms have the same meaning?
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