a really cool, off the wall mock interview

lilly lil

hi guys...

what does this mean in french... i don't understand one word...

"i saw an amazing show this evening, i really

cool off the wall mock interview...

with two guys... they were too funny...!"

please help me!! :eek: xx
  • Alipeeps

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    UK - English
    First of all, there should be a comma there as we are dealing with two separate adjectives:

    a really cool, off the wall mock interview...

    cool = cool

    off the wall is an idiomatic phrase to say kind of crazy, unusual, outside of normal.. my dictionnary gives a translation of bizarre / dingue

    lilly lil

    thank you... but the end of the sentence... mock the interview... and all mixed together.. i really don't understand..

    but thank for havin explain it was "off the wall", and not "cool off".. cause it was strange..

    but what about mock the interview?? xx
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