a record of non conviction?

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Could you please help me?

I am translating a Criminal Record Search Certificate - Winnipeg Police Service, points 1 and 2 are clear to me. I have a problem with point 3.



A search of the above name(s) and the date of birth revealed:

1. No record of conviction exists on .. X .. Winnipeg Police System .. X .. National Criminal Records Repository of Canada
2. A record of conviction exists on ....
3. A record of non conviction exists on ...

What does point 3 mean?

I have found on the Internet:

A non-conviction disposition does not mean that your records will be erased automatically. What you need to do before you cross the border is to make sure that all your files are purged.
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    This probably means that somebody has been charged with but not convicted of some crime. I would assume that any proceedings related to the event were now finished. You might want to do some research on the term to make sure that's what it really means.
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    A record of non-conviction means that charges were brought against you but you were not convicted.
    Here is a definition I found on Answers.com.
    "Non-conviction" criminal records are created when a court finds a person to be not guilty, the case results in a dismissal, a "no probable cause" finding or nolle prosequi (where the prosecutor does not wish to prosecute the case)
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