a refrescar en las mañanitas de verano

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Context. From the book. La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de sus fortunas y adversidades (which I'm reading for pleasure). I'm having particular difficulties with this paragraph, and would appreciate some help.
Por el contrario, muchas tienen la costumbre de irse a refrescar en las mañanitas de verano, y almorzar sin llevar nada, con la confianza de que no faltará quien las invite.

My try:
On the contrary, many of them have the habit of going there in the early mornings during summer to take the air/refresh themselves, and to have lunch without taking anything (to eat), confident that someone won't fail to invite them (to eat/share their food)?
Thanks in advance.
  • Fernita

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    castellano de Argentina.
    Hi Speedier!

    Your translation couldn't be better!

    to refresh themselves

    to invite them (to eat). Is it necessary to say "to eat"? It means that somebody will invite them to lunch. It's not clear whether they will share their food with them or invite them and pay for it.

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