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Dear all,

In Germany, the regional universities have autonomy in determining their curriculum under the direction of rectors elected from within.
( source: britannicalearn.com)

A regional university rector is elected by:

A. the staff of the university
B. the national government officials
C. the regional government officials
D. the staff of other universities.

My answer is A but the key given is C.

Which one is correct? Thank you very much for your help.
  • se16teddy

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    I would have picked A as well. I supposed that "within" meant "within the university" not "within the region".

    PS On reflection, I think that A is the much better answer. The sentence is talking about the autonomy of the universities, not the autonomy of the regions.
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    Uncle Jack

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    Without any other context, you cannot possibly say. I would have taken 'within' to refer to the university rather than the region, but either way there is no indication of who the electors are, and 'staff' could only be a guess, hardly justified in the context of a test question.


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    B and D are clearly wrong. The choice between the others depends on whether "within" refers to the university or the region. The question is of no help in choosing between them. Like previous posters, I would have assumed it refers to the university.
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