A reincarnation of Obama

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There is some man who is so obssessed by Barack Obama he imitates anything of him: his gesture, voice, expression and ideas etc.. Well, the man is truly talented in performance and at first glance you might mistake him as the very President Obama.

I comment: The man is indeed a reincarnation of Obama.

The question of this thread is whether "a reincarnation of Obama" is proper English. Or whether I've used the word reincarnation properly. I am hesitating at the use because Obama is alive and using the word could be wrong.

I am not sure.
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  • manfy

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    :thumbsup: I agree with LB.
    'Reincarnation' doesn't work for me semantically, because reincarnation of one person and soul in a new body implies that the original person (or soul) is gone.

    However, I could imagine saying:
    If that's not Obama himself, it must be his (identical) twin.

    ...or, considering technological advances in this day and age and new capabilities in cloning technology:
    If that's not Obama himself, it must be a clone.


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    But even if you said he was a reincarnation of Nixon or Lincoln, most people would understand what you meant, but think it wasn't quite the right way to say it. Not many people would take you literally anyway.


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    :thumbsup: Another vote for clone, meant figuratively. But with the statement toned down; e.g. “The man’s virtually a clone of Obama!”


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    I agree with others that there can not be a reincarnation of someone who is still living. “Reincarnation“ is also wrong because if when someone is reincarnated, it is his or her essence that lives, while the exterior changes. An impersonator copies the look and mannerisms of the original, but inside the clone and the original are two different people.

    Edited to add: “Doppelgänger“ sounds wrong to me for someone who has deliberately chosen to imitate someone else.
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