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I have done masters in English. I need a job at a school as a lecturer. I've already sent my CV to the principal of the school for the job. It's almost 20 days since I sent it. I have already made a call to the principal asking for my job, he said then he would call me as soon as he would have some place for an English teacher at his school.
Today, I have sent him a text message and asked:

Sir, why didn't you call me for the lectures? Did you forget to call me in?

But that doesn't sound me polite. Can you please tell me how I can politely ask/remind him of what he has said that he would call me?

Thanks a lot
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    He said he "would call me as soon as he would have some place for an English teacher at his school." Since he hasn't called you, he doesn't have a place for an English teacher yet. And he may never have a place for you if you have sent him that text message – it will show him that you may know how to speak English, but not know the sort of English to speak in various situations.

    It's only been 20 days and you're waiting for an opening for an English teacher. That seems like a very short time to me ... much too soon to send any sort of message.

    I'm afraid that giving you an answer would require wholesale rewriting, which we're not allowed to do, but you might consider being much less direct and much more respectful.


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    I think it is too pushy for this situation. It sounds like you are trying to boss him around.

    I think, "I'm still very interested in the lecturer position. Any word yet?"
    I agree with copyright.

    However, maybe OP lives in a country where it is quite common to be somewhat persistant in a situation like this. What I'm saying is that how long one should wait before following up on an application may differ from one culture to another. Granted, being this persistant with such a tone of voice would be quite inappropriate in pretty much any anglophone country I know of.

    Personally, I would start with: Dear sir, I am writing to follow up on my application...

    I suggest OP looks for examples of formal writing online, there are plenty.


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    Lun-14, is this to a professor in India? I ask because I think even more respect would need to be shown to someone in Asia, especially India.
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