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A reporting credit on Wednesday with an article about China’s organization of a meeting of technology leaders in Seattle ahead of a state visit to the United States by President Xi Jinping misspelled, in some editions, the surname of a contributing researcher. He is Yufan Huang, not Hang.


What does it mean?
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    A "reporting credit" is the information at the end of an article that says who the reporters, authors, researchers, and/or other contributors were.


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    It's referring to the little note at the very bottom of the article that says "Paul Mozur reported from Hong Kong and Jane Perlez from Beijing. Yufan Huang contributed research from Beijing and Nick Wingfield contributed reporting from Seattle." It isn't a byline since Yufan Huang contributed research, not writing. So the editors decided to call it a "reporting credit." It's giving him credit for his contribution to reporting this news story.

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