a rich seam of philanderers

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Lorlene frowned. I'd often heard it said that the Guyanese were prissy, and that it was only deep below the surface that there was a rich seam of philanderers. To the outside world, said Lorlene, there must be nothing amiss. "As you've seen," she said, "everything here has to be just so."

The last paragraph :http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2011/jan/29/guyana-georgetown-south-america-john-gimlette

Since the word philanderers would definitely refer to the squaddies in our context, i.e. males only, I would interterpret the underlined part as there would be a rich mine of short term romance for the men rather than saying that the Guyanese girls are fond of flirting.

What's your opinions please?

  • Uncle Bob

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    I think that it just means that amongst Guyanese men, in general, there are very many who are trying to get girls but they do it discretely.


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    It is saying that in general Guyanese society is prissy and conservative on the surface, but underneath the surface, in fact there is a lot of philandering going on.
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