A riddle about legs


I've come across an English folk tale, and there's a riddle in it that I can't undestand.

What starts off with no legs, then has four legs and ends up with two legs.

The answer is FROG. I can understand why "no legs" and "four legs" then, but "two legs" at the end is not clear.
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    Some people eat frog, but it's only a frog's two hind legs that are consumed. The rest is thrown away.
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    Hermione Golightly

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    We don't eat frogs in the UK so it's unlikely to be an English or British folk tale, although you presumably read it in English
    Please tell us which folktale has this riddle.

    There's a very ancient riddle about legs but the answer is a "human being" and the words are different.


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    Is that riddle written correctly? I would have expected no legs – two legs – four legs, where the “two legs” bit refers to tadpoles.
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