a <rigged> body [someone who is beefy]

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Hello everyone!
I'm trying to remember a word which is used to describe someone who is beefy.

I can't remember exactly but it sounds like rigged
Is rigged a proper word?
Like for example:
Why is that person so rigged?

Thanks so much for the help!
  • dharasty

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    Perhaps you are thinking of "rigid":
    1. Stiff, rather than flexible.
    2. Fixed, rather than moving.
    3. Rigorous and unbending.
    4. Uncompromising.

    Perhaps "rigid" -- when referring to a person's physique -- might imply "muscular, well toned" or "sturdy, strong, big, steady".

    Is that the word you are looking for?

    "Rigged" would not generally be used to describe a person or his body. A sailboat is "rigged" with its ropes; a game is "rigged" if the outcome is predetermined.


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    A person with well-defined muscles, especially abdominal muscles, is said to be ripped.

    (Cross-posted with Susan Y. Would have had the same time stamp if I hadn't wanted a picture! :) )
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