a right weirdo

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The context is: a student recalls her memory of attempting her grandad's cider as a little child (four-year-old). And she thinks that Mike, who is the tutor of the class, is going to think she is "a right weirdo" once he knows this event.

I know the definition of weirdo but what does "right" mean here? It seems that this is not a common expression. Thank you for your help in advance!
  • Andygc

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    British English
    One of many definitions of "right" in Wordreference Collins dictionary. It's very common in BE.

    informal (intensifier): a right idiot


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    English - US
    We don't use that at all in AE (although we understand it when BE speakers use it). Our equivalent would be "a real idiot" or "a real weirdo".
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