A ripple like fire ran down the line of sepoys

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A ripple like fire ran down the line of sepoys; they were unfixing bayonets before marching away.

Would someone explain to me what is meant by the part in bold in this sentence from George Orwell's Burmese Days. We have here a group of Indian soldiers drawn up for the morning parade carrying their bayonets which were formerly described as "glittering"
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    The sepoys moved their bayonets in such a way that the sunlight flashed off them and it looked a bit like fire.
    The sepoys are standing in a line with their rifles. Attached to the rifles are bayonets, which are shiny and reflect the light. When the sepoys detach their bayonets all at the same time, the bayonets reflect the light together in a way that looks like a ripple of fire or light moving along the line.
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