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a room for playing chess

Discussion in 'English Only' started by LQZ, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. LQZ

    LQZ Senior Member

    Dear all,

    I am looking for the name of a room in a luxury property for family members playing chess. May I have your suggestions? Thanks.

  2. abenr

    abenr Senior Member

    Scottsdale, AZ, USA
    English, USA
    Games Room is one I've come across.
  3. LQZ

    LQZ Senior Member

    Thank you, abenr. :)

    Since this kind of luxurious life is far away from me, I had no idea what it is called in English.:D
  4. Parla Member Emeritus

    New York City
    English - US
    I cannot imagine a room reserved exclusively for playing chess, unless it's in the home of a Grand Master. A room for game-playing might be a Recreation Room.
  5. brian

    brian Senior Member

    AmE (New Orleans)
    I like recreation room more than game(s) room since (1) recreation sounds more formal (I'd associate it with high-class living), and (2) nowadays, with technology, game room might call to mind video games, e.g. a room with computers, TVs with game stations, arcades, etc.

    Of course, if the context is absolutely clear, e.g. a story that takes place in the 19th century, then game room could work as well.

    Another option might simply be parlor. It's the room (similar to what we'd call living room now) where the socializing occurs, and it would seem natural to me to play chess in the parlor, rather than have a separate room for it.
  6. abenr

    abenr Senior Member

    Scottsdale, AZ, USA
    English, USA
    Recreation room is not a bad suggestion, except I think of it as allowing children to roll on the floor and wrestle in addition to all else.

    Is parlor used in the south these days? I never heard it used in the northeast or out here in the west.
  7. Havfruen Senior Member

    English - American
    If the room is only for playing chess (!), I suggest "a chess den".
  8. supersupao New Member

    A rumpus room? Hmm, probably not for chess. :eek:
  9. MonikaUSA Senior Member

    English - USA
    I like chess den because it sounds cozy. A large property, though, is not usually thought of as a cozy one. A room where only chess is played would be called a "Chess room" or "Chess studio." In properties of that size, simply go with what it is used for: Board game room, Pool room, Indoor pool, Bowling alley, Listening room, Recording studio, Basketball court, Study, Library, Office, Bathroom... You get the point. ;)

    If the point is to grab someone's attention (e.g., you're selling something), you could make it more personal: WCC room, FIDE room, Kasparov room...

    It really depends on your audience. Since having a chess room is uncommon, perhaps the term to label it will have to be made up. Good luck!
  10. LQZ

    LQZ Senior Member

    Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions.:)
  11. tlumic Senior Member

    Czech - Czech Republic
    And what about "chess club"? :)

  12. Uncle Bob Senior Member

    British English
    To quote a Wikipedia article:
    "A recreation room (also known as a rec room, rumpus room, or ruckus room) is a room used for a variety of purposes, such as parties, games.... The term is common in the United States and Canada, but is less common in the United Kingdom where the preferred term is games room".
    I would have thought that in a "luxury house" the children played in the children's room (under the watchful eye of their nurse) whilst the games room was reserved for billiards, darts... Chess, I would have thought, would be played in the library.
  13. Loob

    Loob Senior Member

    English UK
    That's what occurred to me, too, Bob:D.

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