A rough indication of the monthly rent

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  1. DancingFlowers Member

    Bonjour à tous.

    Je voudrais votre aide. Je ne sais pas comment dire cette phrase:

    I was wondering if you could give me/provide me with a rough indication of the cost of the monthly rent?

    Je me demandais si vous pourriez me donner une indication approximation de le loyer mensuel?

    Merci beaucoup
  2. sophie3210

    sophie3210 Senior Member

    France and French
    Hi !

    You could say something like :

    "Je me demandais si vous pouviez me fournir / donner une estimation du prix du loyer mensuel ?"
  3. Beun Senior Member

    Metz - France
    French - France
    That could work but "estimation" implies that the person we're asking this to doesn't know the exact amount (is it the case ? if not, I suggest "si vous pouviez me le montant approximatif du loyer" although approximatif can probably be replaced by something that sounds better)
  4. DancingFlowers Member

    Thank you very much. The person I am writing to may or may not know the monthly rent. :)
  5. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    For "rough indication" I propose"indication sommaire"
  6. berrac Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    French - France
    I'd go for "une idée approximative du montant du loyer"

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