a route designated for pedestrians and cyclists


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if a route is designated for both pedestrians and cyclists, in other words, one may walk and the other may cycle through this route, would it be: a walking-cycling route, a walk-cycle route, I am at a loss!

I am awere that this can be formulated in many other ways, however, I am interested in a "hyphenated" version.

On the other hand, I do not exclude the possibility that a "hyphenated" version cannot be formulated.
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    This article (6th paragraph from the bottom) calls it a cycle walkway and this one, a cycle-walkway. Here, it is a cycle/walkway which seems to be the most commonly used term among the three (as per Google results).
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    I also see cycle path and footpath. Example:
    The new 3m wide cycle path and footpath would become part of the national cycle network, replacing an indirect section which diverts cyclists through Yapton. (Source)


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    Around here, (Sonoma County regional parks) there is a network of "Trails" - motorized vehicles are not allowed but they are intended for bicycles and pedestrians, although horses are allowed to use some of them. Some are paved in one way or another, some are gravel.
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