a row of checkout counters (in a supermarket)

Hi again :)

Is there a nice way to call that part of the supermarket which has many cash desks/checkout counters next to each other as in this picture:



I stumbled upon die Kassenreihe in this article: http://www.klartext-magazin.de/47A/?p=295 but I'd like to be sure that it isn't some uncommon neologism and that other native speakers would understand me. :)
  • Gernot Back

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    I don't know whether Kassenreihe might not be mistaken for the customers waiting in line before the cash desks.
    Maybe (breite/lange) Kassen-Batterie / Batterie [an|von] Kassen is less ambiguous in this context, although this, in turn, might be misunderstood as the cash register's device for the supply with electric energy, if there is no context.
    augsburger-allgemeine.de said:
    Nach einem Irrlauf durch alle möglichen Knuts, Billys, Lasses oder Ivars hatten sie endlich die Kassen-Batterie erreicht.


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    I think "die Kassen" or something like "an den Kassen" / "bei den Kassen" would be enough in most cases. You could also say "Kassenbereich". Or "Reihe von Kassen".
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