a row of checkout counters (in a supermarket)

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    I don't know whether Kassenreihe might not be mistaken for the customers waiting in line before the cash desks.
    Maybe (breite/lange) Kassen-Batterie / Batterie [an|von] Kassen is less ambiguous in this context, although this, in turn, might be misunderstood as the cash register's device for the supply with electric energy, if there is no context.
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    I think "die Kassen" or something like "an den Kassen" / "bei den Kassen" would be enough in most cases. You could also say "Kassenbereich". Or "Reihe von Kassen".
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    Thank you both for your helpful suggestions, Gernot Back and Schlabberlatz. Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe! :)

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