A rubber band flicked/whipped/jerked away


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A rubber band was put around my fingers, then I shot the rubber band. To describe the quick motion of the rubber band:

1 The rubber band whipped away.
2 The rubber band jerked away.
3 The rubber band flicked away.

The dictionary says "flick" means to move with a sudden quick movement, sample sentence: The snake's tongue flicked out.
The dictionary says "whip" means to go very quickly, sample sentence: The taxi whipped past me without stopping.
The dictionary says "jerk" means to move with a quick sudden movement, sample sentence: The car jerked into motion.

So I think I can use the three words here. If not, what is your impression when you heard these sentences.

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    I would use the word that you've already used: The rubber band shot away. (Similarly: The man shot out of the cannon.)

    I wouldn't use any of the others.
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