a rubber ding dong


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On the Bills vs. Patriots game a fan threw a rubber ding dong onto the field,I thought what a wonderful gift idea.

What is a rubber ding dong?

Thank you.
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    People make up new euphemisms all the time. They aren't standard.

    "Ding-dong" is not a standard euphemism for "dildo". I've never heard "ding-dong" used with that meaning, ever.


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    I consider "ding-dong" a reasonably common euphemism for "penis," or at least it was when I was young; maybe it's not any more. I've always assumed (without evidence) that it was shortened to the probably more common "dong."

    It's a rubber ding-dong that's a dildo.


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    So the phonetic similarity between "dildo" and "ding-dong" is irrelevant here?
    (Or do they not sound similar to your native ears?)


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    Words that sound a whole lot like ding-dong have regularly been used as jokey euphemisms for penises. An example that comes to mind is that very annoying but catchy Chuck Berry song from the 1970s called "My Ding-a-ling." The entire song consists of lyrics that sound as though they might be about bells but might be about...something else. :)

    (And if I find myself humming this song the rest of the day, I'm going to be very, very annoyed with my brain.)
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