a score is lopsided

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Hello everyone,

From the book 99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky.

The passage is about players fighting during games.

"They fight for a reason— to protect a teammate or to change the momentum of a game. They actually prevent violence. If there is a beef, it’s better to settle it right there. It’s when things go unaddressed (or a score is lopsided) that a game gets out of hand."

Does "a score is lopsided" mean a situation when one team has scored several goals and the other scored none, like 3:0, 5:0 etc.?

Thank you.
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    It doesn't have to be zero on one side, but the two scores must be quite uneven, so 5:1 might be lopsided, or 7:2. But 3:1 or 5:4 would not be lopsided.

    Since you're regularly asking questions about this book, could I ask you to call it: 99: Stories of the Game? Thanks. :)
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