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I found something I could't know the meaning, as I've read a book.
Please help me~

There's nothing simple about simplicity. It is a concept with many nuances and lines. A second pass suggests that clarity makes for simplicity-something with clear intent that quickly conveys its purpose or use.....

What does "a second pass" mean? Second definition?
Please let me know.
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    In general, "a second pass" means going over something a second time.

    What book is this from? (A forum rule is to identify the source of any statement.) Does the broader context relate to writing? In that case, it means you should go over what you write a second time to make it clearer.


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    Thank you. It's great help!

    The statement is from <Simple> written by Alan Siegel.
    Anyway i'll keep your advice about WR's rule in mind.
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