A self-home-made cake OR a self-made and home-made cake!



I myself made a cake today at home. I want to post the picture of it on Facebook with this caption:
A self-home-made cake! (or a self-made and home-made cake!)

The idea that I want to convey is that I myself have made the cake and I made the cake at home.

I am having difficulty. How to present both ideas in one line?

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    Actually, I need an adjective that tells both things, i.e. the cake made at home, and the cake made by myself.
    The short answer is that there isn't one. :(

    The neatest way of saying what you want, in a way that sounds idiomatic and natural, is something like "My home-made cake!" where the possessive "my" would generally be construed as meaning that you made it yourself.


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    'Cake made by me at home'. If you're posting the picture, you probably won't need to say cake. I'd just write: Made by me at home. (Or similar: Made by my own fair hands at home.)


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    It seems pretty likely that if you made the cake yourself you would have made it at home, but if you feel you need to stress it then any of the suggestions above will work nicely.


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    You could say simply: 'Made this at home myself!'

    That is a common type of caption, and it is usual to leave out the word 'I'.

    Another common expression is: 'All my own work!'

    People use this to express their pride in doing something without any help. This can imply no external facilities as well as no other person being involved.


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    I walked into a delicatessen once and asked if the lasagna was "home made" and the owner said, "For me, it's home made; for you it's store bought".

    If it was made at home, it is "home made", but not necessarily by you.

    Is this cake home made?

    Yes, my mother baked it.

    I think I would say, "It's home made; I baked it myself", thus eliminating all ambiguity.


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    " A cake of my make"
    It seems good to me for a facebook post though
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    'Home-made' contrasts with 'shop-bought'. If you yourself made the cake people will assume it was made at home. So, "I made this cake myself!".
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