a sensual bloom that you’d see on a <trolly>


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Here are some words from the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover(the last para., page 295, chapter 14) by Lawrence (planetebook,here):
(context:Mellors was telling Connie about his wife, Bertha)
Well, Bertha went away to some place or other in Birmingham; she said, as a lady’s companion; everybody else said, as a waitress or something in a hotel. Anyhow just when I was more than fed up with that other girl(his first girlfriend), when I was twenty-one, back comes Bertha, with airs and graces and smart clothes and a sort of bloom on her: a sort of sensual bloom that you’d see sometimes on a woman, or on a trolly. Well, I was in a state of murder.

I understand sensual bloom as sexual rosy complexion. It's normal for people to see the complexion on women, but how can we see it on a trolly please?
Thank you in advance
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    Does the link not work for you?

    "Trolly" is explained there as "a variant of 'trollop', or whore". In a manuscript version, DHL wrote "cocotte".
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