a sentence about discrimination?


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The author is tackling the idea of left-brain/right-brain thinking and how the two hemispheres of the brain work in different situations. Before this part, he was giving an example of how in a job interview, the interviewer's left brain starts analyzing every detail of the candidate, including their handshake, attire, attitude, etc. in the first 10 minutes before the right brain processes kick in.

"When we’re trying to persuade people, we need to be aware of how the mind works. In an interview situation, the initial deployment is always with the left-brain process. I hasten to add, there are strict rules concerning discrimination and these are not being questioned here."

This final sentence in red, I don't understand what he means with his reference to discrimination.

Can someone help, please?


Book: Too Fast to Think
Author: Chris Lewis
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    The Americans with Disabilities Act, and similar legislation in other countries, has specific requirements intended to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against in hiring practices, etc. What the author is saying is that his procedures comply with these requirements.
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