...a serem executadas sobre...

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I'm reading a technical article with its translation, and I'm wondering how "executadas" fits into the translation below. Any ideas? Is the translation accurate?

Settings to do with how the chart item is displayed such as line strength, fill color, and other visible elements.
Configurações a serem executadas sobre como o item de diagrama é exibido, tal como a intensidade de linha, cor de preenchimento e outros elementos visíveis.
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    A configuração estabelece a forma como o item do diagrama é representado : espessura da linha, cor de enchimento e outros elementos visíveis. ??

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    Focusing on the question of personal infinitive:

    I have no idea how the sentence could be reconstructed in Portuguese, but I think it would be better to use a ser executadas.

    The personal infinitive does be a tense that causes many troubles even among native speakers, but generally I use this solution: I replace the 3rd person or the 1st person of the singular by the 1st of the plural or the 2nd person. If it sounds strange in using the personal infintive, I use the impersonal infinitive.

    For instance: Estou para ser executado (due to a crime). Eles estão para ser/serem executados. If we use "nós", we get: Nós estamos para ser executados. The solution Nós estamos para sermos executados sounds very strange.

    So, this is a purely personal opinion. I don't know if I could help you a little, but it's always a pleasure to chat.


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    In my view a serem executadas is just a wrong translation, probably due to the translator's falure to notice an implicit having in settings (having) to do with. A better translation would be configurações referentes à maneira pela qual o item ...
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