a seven member soccer / a seven individual soccer


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It's normal that in soccer (football) each team should have 11 players. But there are some other soccers or footballs in which each team has 7 players. What should we call such a soccer?

Is it acceptable to call it [a seven member soccer] or [a seven individual soccer]?

Thank you.
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    I don't think I've ever heard anyone say seven-player soccer. Google claims to have "about 160 results" for it but can only produce "about 38". Even the Americans use seven-a-side. Here is a quote from the New York Times:
    Across town at Rainbow Elementary School, the 36 third graders in Kristen Pleasanton’s gym class rotate on and off the bench during 25 minutes of seven-a-side soccer games, because she cannot supervise all of them playing at once.
    And here from the team USA website:
    The sport follows the standard FIFA rules for seven-a-side soccer with the following exceptions

    I think you are best to use "seven-player soccer" as an adjective phrase, only in cases where you don't wish to repeat seven-a-side too many times in one piece of writing. i.e:

    On Wednesday there was a seven-a-side soccer tournament ... blah blah blah...seven-a-side...blah blah blah...seven-a-side... During the seven-player soccer tournament two players from each team were sent off in disgrace after a vicious fight broke out...

    Informally, a lot of people would just say seven-a-side and drop soccer/football if the context was clear to the person with whom they were talking:

    We played a game of seven-a-side last Sunday.


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    Sorry, I should have clarified (which I halfheartedly did by opening with "informally"), I'd say "seven-player soccer" as an English speaker utterly ignorant of legitimate football parlance. <insert blush face>
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