a share block = a share ?

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I'm used to using "shares" for example, purchased 100 shares of a company. Does "100-share blocks" have just the same meaning as '100-shares'? Or is there any difference between a share block and a share?

"I recommend a very slowly graduating climb from 100-share blocks to 200, onward and upward in increments that small, in careful correlation with your growing expertise. Whenever you find that increasing your share size is causing your profits to crash, you need to back down to something smaller. No matter how much capital you play with, there's no sense in losing big chunks of it just because your skill level is low."
The Truth About Day Trading Stocks by Josh DiPietro, 2009
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    He is using the word "block" to mean "a collected unit made up of a number of component things". In this case, the components are individual shares of stocks. It is as if he recommends taking shares of stock, putting them together in a bundle, and then buying and selling those bundles. At first, each bundle (or "block") will have 100 shares in it, but over time you will make the bundles bigger, until each bundle is made up of 200 shares.

    There is thus a difference between a block of shares, and a single share, and there is a difference between "100 shares" and "100-share blocks.".
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