a shifting pyramid

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The round table for four. The conversation. The way the centre of attention had rotated freely between them all. Always one talker and three listeners, a shifting pyramid that had swung first one way and then another.
One talker, three listeners.
Source: Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child
Context: Reacher invited his previous MP mates to an eating place. They are a total of four.

What does shifting pyramid mean/refer to? Does it refer to the fact that the base of the pyramid is a square with 4 corner end points?

Thank you.
  • truffe2miel

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    Hi :)
    I understand it a kind of active/passive-relationship: the top of the pyramid would be the talker, the bottom are the listeners. The pyramid shifts because the talker changes regularly, and thus the listeners too. The roles shift, turn - and so does their state of action in relation to each other.


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    I agree with truffe that's what it means. But why? It just seems unnecessary to make that comparison. Unless it is important in the part of the book that follows, it seems like a waste of words. Plus, you would need five people to have a base with four corners and a top. There are some three sided pyramids but that's not the usual way.
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