a shop for / with / of


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I think that probably the best way to define a specific shop is by using a relative clause.

But if you try without, using a preposition, is there a possibility to say:

a) It's a shop for magazines, sweets etc. ( =a shop which sells magazines, sweets etc.)
b) " of "
c) " with "
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    I can't think of any shops I would identify in that way. Typically, we would say "a candy shop," "a cigar shop," "a wine shop." (Although in AE, we would more often say "store" than "shop.")

    If I had to choose one of your prepositions, "with" is the only one that works. "A shop with magazines" would be a shop that sells many items, including magazines.

    "A shop for magazines" would be a place where magazines shop. "A shop of magazines" just sounds odd.
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