A short story named, entitled or called?

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Hey everybody. Somehow I find strange to say "This story I will tell you is named 'the fighter'". What is the usual way to say it. Wouldn't be "it is called/entitled 'the fighter'".

Thank you in advance
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    I'd use "entitled" in writing, but if I were just telling someone what the title of the story was, I'd say "It's called...".
    "named" sounds odd to me, as though the story was once long ago an infant christened during a church baptism ceremony. :D

    However, stories don't just have titles, conversationally they have timeless and enduring names in an always-present tense

    "The name of the story I'm going to tell you/read to you is "The Fighter"/"Peter Pan", etc.

    Certainly that is used with children who might not grasp "title", but also with adults.

    Adult1: "I just had a short story published."

    Adult2: "Really? What's its name?/What's the name of your story?"
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