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Hello dears,

This is a phrase that's used in my textbook, and I'm not sure what it really means in this context: "For example, think of the Tasaday. allegedly a Stone Age people in the Phillipine rain forest, who were discovered by anthropologists back in 1971. A side note is that due to their supposed isolation, they had no weapons or known words in their language for "enemy" or "war" "

Please help me what "side note" means in this sentence, if you need the context to be clearer, ask me.

Thank you,
  • perpend

    American English
    I don't really like the usage of "side note" in your textbook, but this is my understanding:

    A side note is that due to their ...
    It should be noted, that due to their ...
    It is remarkable, that due to their ...


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    British English (Sussex)
    I'd never seen "A side note is that ..." before, and in the textbook sentence it seems a bit wordy. It seems to mean "incidentally", but I'd need to read a larger context to know whether that makes sense. It could mean something else, as perpend says, "it should be noted", but I'm unfamiliar with that sort of usage.

    We can say "On a side note, ... " to indicate that we know we're straying off-topic; something a little more formal than "By the way, ..."
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