a side table with a shelf

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Do you know if there's a more specific name for "side table with shelf"? Preferably just one word.
  • Loob

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    Hello, miiiau, and welcome to the forums:)

    Do you mean the sort of table that goes beside a bed? If so, we call it a 'bedside table' in British English; I believe it's a 'night table' in American English.

    If you were thinking of something different, perhaps you could tell us a bit more?


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    The things next to beds are actually called nightstands in AE, but yeah, the original question confuses me somewhat.
    Wouldn't a table without a shelf just be two pairs of free-standing legs?


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    I suggest we hold off the speculation until miiiau comes back and tells us what kind of table, how it is used, what room it would usually be placed in and anything else that might point us in the right direction. :)


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    Perhaps providing a picture would be of assistance. I'd suggest finding one on IKEA's website and then telling us what name (because they always have unusual names) to google for
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