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I am writing a lesson plan and I am explaining a game in which students are given a sign with a problem listed on it which they cannot look at. They are to hold it up in front of the class and the rest of the class gives them advice related to that problem. The student then has to guess what his/her problem is.

I am having trouble saying: I give him a sign on which a problem is listed that he is not allowed to look at.

I wrote: Je lui donne une pancarte avec une phrase qui décrit un problème. Il ne peut pas la regarder.

Please let me know if there is a better way to explain this game (I'm sure there is)! Thanks in advance!
  • Gil

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    Surtout copié sur Nil:
    "Je lui donne une pancarte qui décrit un problème. Il n'a pas le droit de la regarder."
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