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hello everyone:
burning in this southamerican sun...
I just need a simple definition, I want to know what grant dollars is. I'm reading an article of the H.H.S. & F.D.A. and there is a part that talks about budget and funds.
just that...
de antemano gracias!!!

sebastian from Chile!
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    Grant dollars are monies given to an individual or organization, such as a "non-profit" organization, by another organization such as a Foundation, government or private corporation.

    Usually, the organization asking for the money must fill out a "grant application" and must meet specific criteria in order for any monies to be awarded. If the organization meets the criteria, and their grant is accepted, then the organization will be awarded money that is to be used to fund a specific type of program.

    For example:

    I work for a non-profit (charitable) organization.
    My organizatiton needs money to restore a historical theatre.
    I research various corporations and private Foundations which fund these kinds of projects.
    I then fill out a grant application for consideration by the larger corporation.
    The larger corporation will require that I provide them with information about my organization's history, funding-raising efforts, make up of my Board of Directors, etc. They will also want to see a budget regarding the specific project.

    IF I meet the criteria they ask for, they will give me money to fund my building project. I will then have to work with them to ensure that the building meets the criteria and guidelines I had set forth in my grant.

    I will not have to pay the money back because the project is for the betterment of the community, and the grantor (organization who gave the money) feels they are making an investment in the community.
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