a slight air of scumbag entitlement

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I'm reading the screenplay of the film The Departed, by the screenwriter William Monahan. In a scene, Billy, a police informant, is visiting a psychiatrist, and he notices that a cop was in the room with Psychiatrist before him. And Billy ask her:

BILLY (abruptly):
There was a cop leaving when I came in.
How do you know he was a cop?
Bad haircut, no dress sense and a slight air of scumbag entitlement. You see cops?

I don't know what "a slight air of scumbag entitlement" means here. I checked the meaning of the words but it is difficult for me to understand. please help me.
  • Barque

    He had an air (he gave off an impression of) entitlement, like some scumbags do. According to him it's a characteristic of cops.

    Living in India, I know just what he meant.

    Thomas Tompion

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    In this context I think a scumbag means a person who shows little regard for anyone else, their feelings or their wishes.

    Entitlement means the idea that you automatically deserve the good things in life, and to be well treated.

    So this slight air of scumbag entitlement means the aura given out by a disagreeable selfish person that he is justified in taking things for himself, or deserves always the best treatment.

    I'm sorry to hear that Barque has frequent contact with such people.
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