a slight buckle on the rear

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Does "a slight buckle on the rear" mean that the bottles were not symmetrical and were bent toward one direction? But, the images of Absolute Vodka bottles do not show such a thing.

When TBWA, a top-ranking but fairly young agency, took on the account in 1980, Absolut, a Swedish vodka, had only just entered the American market and had not only to compete with other more established types of liquor such as scotch or brandy, but also had to be defined against the preconception that Russian vodka was somehow more authentic than Swedish vodka. The aim, therefore, was to develop a brand identity that would give Absolut added value and make it stand out from the competition. Initially this was tackled in terms of the development of the distinctive bottle, with careful attention to detail and styling. The bottle was, for instance, given a short neck in the style of a medicine bottle and a slight buckle on the rear that, despite the bottle’s mass production, gave it the appearance of being hand-blown and the impression of a unique identity (Art and Advertising by Joan Gibbons).
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    Yes, it means there is a small asymmetry on the rear of the bottle. The images available online show only the front view of the bottle.
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