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Is that possible for someone to translate this letter into Japanese?
Sorry for all the weird abbreviations that might occur in this letter :)

I am 'X', owner of a small 'ZZ' fansite and a co-owner of 'C'.

I'm here to inform that 'C' are going to publish a small article about the staff and creators of 'TT', and I am here representing the owner of the 'C' to ask for your permission to use the staff names and the 'TT' brand in that article.

I'd also like to ask something about the 'TT'. It is stated in the official website that there will be an audio commentary in the 'TT'. If it is possible, i'd like you to tell me which staff are participating in the audio commentary. I know 'ZZ' and 'ZZZ' are participating in it, but i'd like a complete list of it if it is possible.

I am looking forward receiving your reply soon.

Thank you and yours sincerely,


Thank you very much in advance.
I really appreciate all your help here.
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    Hi NecroX,

    Letter writing in Japanese can be a trouble. Below is my translation wherein I added several lines to your original in order to cast it in a format appropriate in Japanese. Not knowing the industry, however, I am not exactly sure what "audio commentary" means. I translated it as 音声解説, which is explanation by voice but there might be an industry-specific term.








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