a smaller size and body weight....

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"A smaller size and body weight means they can move easier." Which adjective modifies "weight" : is it "smaller" or "body"?
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    Hi Birzo,
    I think that "body weight" is a single compound noun being modified by "smaller". (Note that "body" is never an adjective in any case). More context would make it easier to be sure, though.


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    Well, body weight is the 'weight of the body'. It's a compound noun, as Istarion, pointed out. It's identity as a single unit is easily picked up on if you listen to a native speaker produce the phrase.

    It is modified by smaller, which also modifies size. Unlike Parla, I find nothing 'un-native' about the sentence as written. We could certainly dress it up a bit, but it still sounds to me like a perfectly natural way for expressing the intended idea.

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