a smile big enough for the both of us

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    Non riesco a dare una traduzione decente a questa frase apparentemente semplice. Una bambina sta porgendo un fiore a una donna (voce narrante).

    With a smile big enough for the both of us, she stretched her arm toward me.

    Perché "for the both of us"? In che senso?

  2. london calling Senior Member

    Significa un sorriso grande grandissimo.
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    grande grandissimo :tick: -exactly
    But I'm wondering if there is any way to render what I see as a beautifully descriptive metaphor in the same way in Italian. Reading this, I picture the lady (perhaps serious, or at least not smiling) being affected by the child's smile and breaking into a smile herself - a smile big enough for the two of them!
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    Un sorriso grande come il cielo. Might it go?

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