a soldier's soldier


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Hi, I'm wondering how to say this:

'He was a soldier's soldier'

which basically means that although he was their leader, he still looked out for them and cared about their well-being. It's hard to explain but I hope it makes sense.

Ma tentative serait: le soldat des soldats

Merci d'avance.
  • jonjean

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    I understand "He was a soldier's soldier" to mean that he was the type of soldier that all soldiers aspire to, whereas you clarify it to mean a commanding soldier who puts his men first

    So how about "il met au premier plan ses hommes de troupe"


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    Hi everybody,

    I am afraid we would understand "il met au premier plan ses hommes de troupe" as his men are first to fight on the battle line.

    I do not know the expression "Soldier's soldier" in English and do not know any equivalent according to your definition,
    but what about "le gardien des soldats", it could have the double meaning of "herdsman" = "Gard" and "Protector" if it fits the context ?


    Capitaine Destine

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    I just stumbled onto this myself, and since the thread is fairly recent and that no answer satisfies me, but put me on the right tracks, I'm adding my grain of salt :

    I'm going to use "C'était un officier proche de ses hommes."


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    Combining some of the above ideas (in particular Capitaine Destine's):

    C'était un parangon de soldat / d'officier, très proche de ses hommes.
    (this catches the meaning intended both by ledders and by jonjeans)