a son of his/ a son of Peter's / Peter's son


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Hello, dear members,
I have a question for you. Is it correct a son of his,hers,yours? And if instead of the possessive pronoun I use a name, would it be correct to say " a son of Peter's" or "a son of Julia's"?
I would usually say "He is Julia's son" or "He is Peter's son", but I was wandering if there was an alternative?

Thank you in advance
Please feel free to correct me :)

Cheers :)
  • owlman5

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    It is correct, GandalfMB. It is perfectly normal to say "he's a son of Julia's", just as it is normal to say "he is Julia's son".

    I don't know why, but I hear questions like "Is he a son of Julia's?" often while I never hear questions like "Is he a son of Julia?" That last version is theoretically possible, yet I never hear native English-speakers use that pattern in my part of the world.


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    Not impossible for "son of", but it's more likely that people would say "a friend of Peter's", "a colleague of Julia's".
    Of course, if Peter and/or Julia have a huge number of children... but even then, I'd say "one of Peter's / Julia's sons".