A song I wrote


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My prayer is that you will watch over him,
for I know not what his life entails,
but wherever he goes, may he depend on you.
Oh my God,be his stregth, his shelter,
be his Rock, his constancy.
May what I have taught him,
be of great use to you.
I pray he will listen to your words,
and match each step to the ones you have already carved for him.
I dedicated his life to you,
when he entered this world,
under my care.
And now I give him completely to you.
Please take care of my child.


Could someone translate this for me?
I know its a tall order, but I really need it!
Thanks sooo much, in advance!

  • Silvia

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    First of all, it sounds like a litany. Can you tell more?

    Anyway, this is my very free translation, which can be improved for sure:

    Prego tu possa vegliar su di lui,
    perché non so cosa lo aspetterà,
    che dipenda da te ovunque andrà.
    Sarai la sua forza e il suo rifugio,
    la sua solida roccia, la sua costanza.
    Diventi grande in te
    ciò che gli ho trasmesso.
    Prego perché ascolti le tue parole,
    ed ogni suo passo rispecchi ciò che hai pensato per lui.
    A te la sua vita ho dedicato,
    dal momento in cui è venuto al mondo,
    affidato alle cure mie.
    Ed ora a te lo lascio senza riserve.
    Prenditi cura di questo figlio mio.