a song named Everybody's Free to wear sunscreen


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This is a song named Everybody's free to wear sunscreen and there is some words in it :

Don't waste your time on jealousy <<excessive quotation removed by moderator>>

Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life <<excessive quotation removed by moderator>>

so,what do they -"floss" and 'stetch' means here in the song.
thank you~
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  • Myridon

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    As with the most of the other sentences in the song, they are imperative verbs (Don't waste ..., remember ..., tell me ..., keep ..., throw away ...) to advise you how to live your life.
    You should floss. You should keep your old love letters.

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    As Myridon points out, this song is full of advice (on how to live your life, etc.). In particular, the lyrics are interspersed with bits of "advice" in single word interjections, such as: Floss! Stretch! Sing! Dance!, etc.

    These are somewhat facetious, I think, as they are mostly rather trivial, and the intention is humorous, but they also give impact by providing a contrast to the more serious points in the song.
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