a Southwest Airline flight

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this is from yahoo.com.

I just want to make sure if my understanding about a part in it is correct or not.

Here the word:Southwest Airline, which is a proper noun, is used as an adjective and that "a" is attached
to that "flight", not "Southwest Airline". If it were attached to Southwest Airline, it would sound like there are other companies called "Southwest Airline" and that's weird.
Anyway, that "a" is attached to that "flight".

Do I understand the part correct?

A man was thrown off of a Southwest Airlines flight for a joke about vodka, which was allegedly directed at a surly crew member.

Thank you!
  • dojibear

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    Yes, "a" is attached to "flight".

    Articles (a/an/the) are only attached to nouns, not to adjectives. Here "Southwest Airlines" is used as an adjective, so it cannot take "a/an/the".
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