a souvenir shop / a souvenirs shop / a shop with souvenirs


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I'd like to enquire about the name of a shop selling souvenirs.

Let me give you a sample sentence:

1) When I was in the centre, I saw a souvenir shop.

2) When I was in the centre, I saw a souvenirs shop.

3) When I was in the centre, I saw a shop with souvenirs.

To me only the first sentence sounds correct. How about the second and the third? Would it be regarded in an exam as a mistake?

Thank you.
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    2 is wrong because we usually use the singular noun for to modify "shop," e.g. shoe shop, candy shop, tobacco shop.
    3 is fine, although I might say "selling" rather than "with."


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    Yes, such a place would normally be called a souvenir shop, or (in UK museums and galleries, etc.) a gift shop.
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