A specialist within the field of psychology

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Tristan shun

A specialist within the field of psychology, industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologists are hired by companies to apply psychological principles and research methods to the workplace. I've got two alternatives to change the underlined portion: " Being a specialist within the field" and "Specialists within the field." I thought it would be better to change the underlined portion with answer choice "Being," though my teacher said it doesn't match with "psychologists," so "Specialists within the field" should be the answer. But wouldn't that creat comma splice?
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    "Being a specialist..." is wrong because "specialist" is singular.

    The other one is correct. There is no comma splice because the first part is not an independent clause.



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    Then would the sentence "specialists within the field of psychology" be a dependent clause?
    No, I'd say it's just a noun phrase functioning as a nominative absolute in that sentence. If you don't understand it yet, don't worry -- it's pretty advanced grammar. :thumbsup:
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