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I am going for my first French haircut and I want to talk about a specific layer in my hair. I know that to have a layered haicut is "couper en degradé" but how does one discuss an individual layer. Instincts tell me that "un degrade" is not right, but I don't want my hairdresser to think I'm discussing clothing or geology if I use "une couche".
Sentence would be something like- " Ma dernier couper des cheveaux, [this layer] était couper trop court."

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    un dégradé mais sans toucher à la longueur???

    You may tell the hairdresser that you want "un dégradé mais sans que mes cheveux soient coupés trop courts".

    or you want "un dégradé juste sur le dessus or sur le devant"???
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    "dégradé" is part of the haircut vocabulary group. Could we have your last sentence in English please ?


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    Lors de ma dernière visite chez le coiffeur, le dégradé a été coupé trop court???

    Something like that?
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