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j'ai vu qu'un sujet similaire avait été traité, mais j'aimerais être certaine de ne pas mal interpréter ce mot dans le contexte de ma lecture:

"After that, he was off on a stag do."

S'agit-il bien ici d'un enterrement de vie de garçon? Dans le contexte, ce n'est pas si bizarre mais un peu abrupt. Est-ce que cela pourrait signifier tout simplement une sortie entre garçons, une virée entre mecs? L'histoire parle d'un garçon qui est en train de quitter sa copine et qui déserte graduellement le foyer. Un peu plus de contexte:

"The next night, I got home from work to find a note on the bed to say he needed a bit of time to think and he was going to stay with a friend for a couple of days. But he did come home. Just as soon as I went away to work in Manchester for a week. And when I got back,he’d gone away on a business trip. Then I spent a week at my mum’s while she got to grips with a nasty broken leg. After that, he was off on a stag do. And then, one night, he just didn’t come home."
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    A 'stag do' or more usually 'stag night' is quite precise.
    It means a man who is going to get married will spend an evening/weekend with his friends.
    This entails, in the UK at least, getting drunk and doing a lot of extremely stupid 'male' things together.
    The mere thought of it makes me depressed.
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