a stage bare of scenery

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Hi, teachers.

I need your help wih the following TOEFL test. I can't find the correct answer from the options.

Written to be performed on a _______________, Thornton Wilder's play Our Town depics life in a small New England community.

a. stage scenery of bare
b. bare of stage scenery
c. scenery bare of stage
d. stage bare of scenery

Cambridge Advance Learner's Dictionary classifies 'bare' as adjective. So, if it is an adjective, none of the above options is correct. But, it's a validated test, and there must be one of them that is correct. Is option (a) stage scenery of bare the correct answer? I think it's not the correct way of using an adjective.

note: I'm not taking the test right now, I'm reviewing my previous test.

Thank you so much in advance. :)
Nuh Yamin.
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    Think of the phrase containing a truncated relative clause.

    A stage [which is] bare of scenery

    This is not unusual.
    I listened to a talk [which was] devoid of any sense.
    I saw a ​car [which was] painted red, white and blue.



    Thanks, Mr. Copyright

    So the answer is d.

    Oh my God, why am I so dumb? :(
    That's right. I've learned how to use an adjective this way, such as full of sth, etc.
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